Event schedule

Friday, Sep. 21

Day 1
Doors open

  • Anna Severin SNSF

Welcome Address
  • Matthias Egger SNSF

What is OpenCon?
  • Achintya Rao CERN

Inclusiveness in Open Science
  • Malvika Sharan EMBL, Heidelberg

Using open data to track and predict infectious disease
  • Richard Neher University of Basel

Coffee Break

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees.

Getting to know the participants

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees (without coffee).

Open Access in Switzerland: The Endgame
  • Christian Gutknecht SNSF

Autonomous Scholarly Web
  • Sarven Capadisli TIB, Hannover

The Role of Swiss Libraries in the Future of Open Science
  • Andrea Hacker University of Bern

Lunch Break
My career as an open brain-for-hire
  • Tim Head Wild Tree Tech

Sharing code with rOpenSci
  • Julia Gustavsen SOPHiA GENETICS

An Overview of Swiss Open Data
  • André Golliez OpenData.ch

Coffee Break

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees.

The Global Open Science Hardware Roadmap
  • Julieta Arancio CENIT-CONICET

Subject Access Requests for Advocacy
  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye PersonalData.io

Making Open Science good for scientists
  • Ronald Drimmel Turin Astrophysical Observatory

Showcasing research with markdown and friends
  • Joao Martins SNSF

WeScientists 2035 Research Culture Workshops
  • Tania Jenkins sc|nat

Short presentation of ScienceGeist
  • Joao Martins SNSF

  • Luc Henry EPFL

Drinks at Turnhalle

Saturday, Sep. 22

Day 2
Doors open

Warm-up and short pitches


Possible formats include: (1) Discussions organised by participants, planned according to popularity, (2) Do-a-thon: day-long hands-on activity on some of the projects presented in short talks the day before, (3) Workshop and tutorials (max 45 minutes): short (practical) introduction to a tool or a concept any participant wants to share with the others.